Big Ideas from all the classes and radio shows this week!

Listen to the Week 2 show! and

Discussion Topics this Week include:

  • Making It Happen with Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson: Week 4 - Temptation, Distraction, and Other Pitfalls
  • Clean with Dr. Alejandro Junger - Week 6 Conclusion/Bonus
  • Strength for Life with Shawn Phillips - Week 4: Eating for LIFE
  • The Shero's Journey with Jennifer Louden: Week 2 - Claiming the Power of Your Allies
  • Live your Truth. Love your Life with Ashley Turner and Terri Cole: Week 3 - F*#% Your Fear Mind
  • Masters of Change with Ian Lawton: Week 6 - Action pt. 1 - Effortless Effort
  • Vital Conversations –  Live a Life You Love with Dr. Susan Biali

TA Discussion Hour w/ en*theos Academy
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